Investor´s Guide

Investor´s Guide


These are the reasons, why we believe that investing in Real estate in South Bahia is among the very best choices one can make:

  • QUALITY OF LIFE. South Bahia´s perfect climate all year around, it´s rich culture, it´s vast resources, the warmth and hospitality of its people and a marvellous, diverse state with hundreds of kilometres of paradise beaches and dream properties.
  • MACRO ECONOMIC FACTORS. The current government, although far from perfect, is slowly but surely tackling corruption. This always was Brazil´s biggest problem making it impossible for the country to progress. Now that there are finally signs of real change, consumer and foreign investor confidence has increased. As a result, interest rates have come down sharply while inflation is kept under control. This is providing the much-needed liquidity for, among others, real estate markets.
  • MICRO ECONOMIC FACTORS. Trancoso specifically and South Bahia in general have an economy of its own, different from the rest of the country. These are markets for second home buyers, where investments are made with ´excess money´ (savings). Because mortgage interest rates have historically been well above 10% per year, properties were acquired without debts. In addition, holiday rental income is relatively high in the region (and extraordinary high in Trancoso). As a result of these factors (no debts and good returns), prices are stable and have risen steadily over the last 20 years, even throughout the 2008 worldwide economic crisis and the 2020 Corona-virus crisis.
  • EXCLUSIVE REALTY BRASIL EXPERTISE. These are markets where expertise is more important than anywhere else. Establishing market price, liquidity, rental potential, likelihood for valuation and risk factors requires knowledge that only the experienced, local specialist Exclusive Realty Brasil may provide in these small individual markets of south Bahia. We will make sure that your investment will be the best possible in terms of both quality of life as well as from a financial standpoint.

Exclusive Realty Brasil´s extensive portfolio comprises a large variety of properties in South Bahia’s main exclusive locations. These are links to our real estate listings in Bahia







Buying land to construct your own house, or acquiring a beachfront villa, a hotel, a resort or a business may be a great way to build a solid patrimony if you have the right connections and insight information, but is guaranteed to be a nightmare if you do not.

Exclusive Realty Brasil has the required know-how and contacts to assist you in this process. Our specialists will guide you through the complete process from obtaining a fiscal registration number and an investors´ visa to providing legal assistance, setting up a special purpose legal entity, understanding tax implications, etc..


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